Building Life Cycle Cost Programs Troubleshooting

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Having trouble with the Building Life Cycle Cost (BLCC) Programs software? See the problems and solutions below to troubleshoot BLCC software issues.

Problem: Receiving "Error loading the jvm.dll" error message when attempting to install the BLCC software.

Solution: The BLCC installer looks for a valid jvm.dll file in the jre path under bin/server or bin/client. So check what path is set for java in System Properties, Environment Variables, System Variables, Path and modify the path if necessary to point to the correct path where jvm.dll can be found. Or reinstall Java and ensure it is installed for "all users" in a folder for which "all users" have access, then try to install BLCC again. Make sure to uninstall both Java and BLCC because if you install either in multiple locations, there could be issues.

Problem: Unable to run the installer.

Solution: Make sure that java 1.8 or greater is installed. The installer will not run with older versions of java.

Problem: Receiving " is damaged and can’t be opened" error message when attempting to install the BLCC software on a Macintosh operating system.

Solution: Visit the Tech Recipes website for instruction on how to change your security settings to allow your system to load the software.

Problem: International and some military users get an error when trying to open a project or start a new one.

Solution: BLCC expects the long date to be in Month Day, Year format but these users have it set for Day Month Year. Before running the software, change the regional format to English (United States). To do this, go to Regional and Language Options under the Control Panel. Then select Regional Options.

Problem: Project files are not saving.

Solution: On newer versions of Windows, files can't be saved in the projects folder when it is located in program files. The easiest fix is to right click on the BLCC icon and select "Run as administrator." Running the program in this mode will allow you to save to the projects folder.

You can also save the file outside of the BLCC directory (and outside of program files). The Documents folder will work.

If you have additional problems with BLCC or questions about these solutions, contact the FEMP website contact.