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The Financing Force Behind a Clean Energy Economy

The mission of LPO is to accelerate the domestic commercial deployment of innovative and advanced clean energy technologies at a scale sufficient to contribute meaningfully to the achievement of our national clean energy objectives—including job creation; reducing dependency on foreign oil; improving our environmental legacy; and enhancing American competitiveness in the global economy of the 21st century.

LPO executes this mission by guaranteeing loans to eligible clean energy projects (i.e., agreeing to repay the borrower’s debt obligation in the event of a default), and by providing direct loans to eligible manufacturers of advanced technology vehicles and components.

Economic Growth, Job Creation & More Clean Energy Sources

Specifically, LPO endeavors to:

  • Encourage commercial- and utility-scale development and adoption of new or significantly improved energy technologies;
  • Fund innovative technologies which reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Create jobs by financing the growth of commercial clean energy technologies;
  • Provide direct loans to eligible automobile manufacturers and component suppliers for projects that re-equip, expand, and establish manufacturing facilities in the U.S. to produce advanced technology vehicles and components for such vehicles; and
  • Protect U.S. taxpayers by ensuring the loans and loan guarantees we provide have a reasonable prospect of repayment
We finance the growth of these innovative clean energy technologies:
  • Biomass
  • Hydrogen
  • Solar
  • Wind and Hydropower
  • Advanced Fossil Energy
  • Carbon Sequestration practices and technologies
  • Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Industry Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Pollution Control Equipment