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America is home to one of the largest and fastest growing wind markets in the world. Watch the video to learn more about the latest trends in the U.S. wind power market and join us this Thursday, August 8 at 3 pm ET for a Google+ Hangout on wind energy in America.

The United States is home to one of the largest and fastest growing wind markets in the world. To stay competitive in this sector, the Energy Department invests in wind projects, both on land and offshore, to advance technology innovations, create job opportunities and boost economic growth.

Moving forward, the U.S. wind industry remains a critical part of the Energy Department’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to cut carbon pollution, diversify our energy economy and bring the next-generation of American-made clean energy technologies to market.


Top 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Distributed Wind
Small-Scale Distributed Wind: Northern Power Systems 100 kW turbine at the top of Burke Mountain in East Burke, Vermont. | Photo courtesy of Northern Power Systems.

Test your energy knowledge by learning interesting facts about distributed wind.

America's Wind Industry Reaches Record Highs
Our latest Infographic highlights key findings from the 2012 Wind Technologies Market Report. | Infographic by <a href="/node/379579">Sarah Gerrity</a>.

Sharing key findings from two new Energy Department reports that highlight the record growth of America's wind industry.

Keeping America Competitive: Bringing Down the Cost of Small Wind Turbines
Bison standing in front of a 10 kW wind turbine manufactured by Bergey Windpower Company. | Photo by Northwest Seed, NREL.

Ensuring America's continued leadership in the global small wind turbine market.

Accelerating Offshore Wind Development

Today the Energy Department announced investments in seven offshore wind demonstration projects. Check out our map to see where these projects will be located.

LIVE Q&A TODAY: Answering Your Wind Energy Questions

Wind industry experts will be taking your questions on today at 3 pm ET. We hope to see you then!