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Alaska Native Villages

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy, in partnership with the Denali Commission, provides Alaska Native villages with resources, technical assistance, skills, and analytical tools needed to develop sustainable energy strategies and implement viable solutions to community energy challenges.

National Strategy for the Arctic Region

The National Strategy for the Arctic Region outlines strategic priorities intended to position the United States to respond effectively to emerging opportunities in the region, while simultaneously pursuing efforts to protect and conserve its unique environment. As part of that effort, the Office of Indian Energy is responsible for developing a 10-year renewable energy strategy for the Arctic region through consultation and coordination with Alaska Native communities. 

START Alaska Program

Through the Alaska Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team (START) Program, federally recognized Alaska Native villages apply to receive community-based technical assistance with preparing tribal energy and infrastructure projects for financing and construction. See START projects in Alaska.

On-Demand Technical Assistance

Alaska Native villages and regional and village corporations can apply to receive up to 40 hours of technical assistance with residential energy efficiency, grantee support, strategic energy planning, transmission, interconnection of regional grids, and research and analysis.

Financial Assistance

Eligible Alaska Native villages and corporations can apply to receive financial assistance through the Office of Indian Energy’s competitive grant program, which focuses on evaluating, developing, and deploying energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. 

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Education and Capacity Building

Webinars, workshops, and trainings help educate tribal leaders and staff on renewable energy project development and financing. Resources like these include:

The Office of Indian Energy also offers educational workshops and training at Alaska regional events. See our events calendar for upcoming Alaska events.