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DOE Announces Marine and Hydrokinetic Open Data Effort

April 10, 2014 - 3:39pm


In an effort to improve future data management and access, DOE’s Water Power Program is standing up a Marine and Hydrokinetics (MHK) Data Repository to manage the receipt, protection, and dissemination of scientific and technical data generated by DOE funded awards.

Capabilities of the proposed MHK Data Repository include: Secure and intuitive submission process; Curation and approval workflow; Support for data under moratorium; Keyword faceted search; Central authentication (CAS); Custom metadata schema; External integration; Multi-layered security; Secure storage of sensitive data; Scalability; and Analytics. The MHK Data Repository will reduce duplication of effort and accelerate MHK innovation by allowing fewer resources to be spent on data discovery, freeing up resources for analysis, innovation, and implementation.

DOE’s MHK Technology Database moves to the Open Energy Information (OpenEI) website where the MHK community now has an interactive database to help showcase project and technology development around the world. In addition, users can learn about Hydrodynamic Testing Facilities capabilities across the U.S. The MHK community can share their facilities latest capabilities by creating a profile through OpenEI.

To learn more about the MHK Data Repository, please contact Alison LaBonte at