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Using Non-Government Domain Names

There may be occasion where it is necessary to utilize a non-government domain. The OMB Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites  states:

Your agency must use only .gov, .mil, or domains unless the agency head explicitly determines another domain is necessary for the proper performance of an agency function.

This requirement recognizes the proper performance of agency functions includes an obligation for clear and unambiguous public notification of the agency's involvement in or sponsorship of its information dissemination products including public websites. It also recognizes in certain limited circumstances other domains may be necessary for the proper performance of an agency function.  See DNS Policies & Procedures for more information.


Criteria for acceptable reasons to use non-government domains includes but is not limited to the following:

  • the Web site is for children and the Office may choose to use the domain
  • the site content is developed by an international collaboration;
  • assigning a US government domain would violate a group's charter/agreement
  • use of a government domain would give the impression the information is official DOE information, or
  • no DOE funds are used to create/host/maintain the web site. 


The CIO, acting on behalf of the Secretary of Energy, is the only DOE Official with the authority to approve the use of non-government domains. Your request should be sent to Tom O'Neill, the DOE Domain Manager, at and include the following information:

  • an explanation of how the domain will be used;
  • the reasons that necessitate using a non-government domain;
  • the policy/agreement that justifies hosting the site on a DOE server; 
  • the server name and IP address where the DNS will be registered;
  • date of last vulnerability scan;
  • and the date and ID number of the Certification & Accreditation.

You will be notified regarding the outcome.