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Request for Correction

In the Department of Energy's correction request process, the burden of proof rests with the requester. An affected person who believes that information the Department disseminates does not adhere to the information quality guidelines of OMB or the Department, or who would like to request correction of specific information, needs to provide the following information within 60 calendar days of the initial information dissemination:

  • Identification of the requester (i.e., name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, and organizational affiliation, if any);
  • A detailed description of the information the requester believes does not comply with the Department's or OMB's guidelines, or believes correction is required for specific information.  (i.e.  exact name of the data collection or report, the disseminating office and author, if known, and a description of the specific item in question)
  • Potential impacts on the requester from the information identified for correction (i.e., describe the requester's interest in the information and how the requester is affected by the information in question); and
  • An explanation of the reason(s) the information does not adhere to information quality guidelines, or the reason(s) specific information should be corrected (i.e., State specifically why the information should be corrected and, if possible, recommend specifically how it should be corrected).

In efforts to ease paperwork burden, requesters are encouraged to provide the required information electronically using the online request document

Requests for correction may also be mailed to:

Information Quality Coordinator

Attn:  Chris Rouleau, GTN  Rm. G-314

Department of Energy

1000 Independence Ave. SW

Washington, DC 20585