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Accommodations for Physical Disabilities

There are a variety of accommodation solutions available for individuals with various degrees of mobility limitation. In addition to the actual computer or telecommunications access needs, the entire office environment should be reviewed for barriers to access. Some examples would include narrow aisles that do not allow wheelchair passage, workstation surfaces that are too high or low which may result in fatigue or render the work area inaccessible, or doors that are too heavy for the individual to open. Although many individuals with mobility impairments are able to adequately determine which potential accommodation solutions would be most useful for them, others may need additional assistance. For individuals with severe mobility impairments, a professional needs evaluation may be requested. In this case, a rehabilitation engineer, an occupational therapist, or the Assistive Technologies Coordinator may be able to provide assistance during product selection. Specific computer and telecommunications access strategies and products include:

  • Sequential Keystroke Input
  • Key Repeat Rate Control
  • Keyboard Macros
  • Alternative Keyboards
  • Non-Keyboard Dependent Input Devices
  • Word Prediction Packages
  • Speech Recognition
  • Robotic Devices
  • Mouse Alternatives
  • Keyguard
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Speaker Phone
  • Gooseneck Receiver Holder
  • Phone Headset
  • Speed Dialing