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GTT Framework

GTT Framework

Strategic Framework

The GTT proposes a strategic framework that organizes these activities into three interrelated dimensions (informational, analytical, and physical), representative of the systems nature of the grid.  Each of these dimensions have a corresponding strategic focus:

  • The informational dimension aims to improve the visibility of grid conditions.
  • The analytical dimension increases our understanding of the implications of the observed conditions.
  • The physical dimension enhances the flexibility of the grid to respond to that understanding.

The logic behind these focus areas is that a modernized grid should be able to “see” an event or condition, “know” what is happening or about to happen, and “do” something appropriate in response – quickly and seamlessly.

The figure below illustrates the overlap and between these three interrelated focus areas, and recognizes that there is a web of institutional factors that influence the success of technology efforts.  Institutional challenges (markets, regulations, policies, standards, etc.) associated with deployment of specific technological advancements must be considered and addressed in parallel with technological solutions.