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Ever wonder how much you spend on energy? Our <a href="/node/926016">new interactive map</a> breaks down the numbers, state-by-state.

Ever wonder how much you spend on energy? Our new interactive map breaks down the numbers, state-by-state.

Vehicles, and the fuel it takes to power them, are an essential part of our American infrastructure and economy, moving people and goods across the country. 

From funding research into technologies that will save Americans money at the pump to increasing the fuel economy of gasoline-powered vehicles to encouraging the development and deployment of electric and alternative fuel vehicles, the Energy Department is committed to providing consumers with a full range of vehicle choices while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing impacts on the environment.


Ohio State University Races to the Finish as the Winner of EcoCAR 2

After three years of intense competition, the team from Ohio State University takes first place in EcoCAR 2 for its energy-efficient, consumer-ready alternative fuel vehicle design.

Top 3 Driving Tools That Will Help Save You Money at the Pump
Save time and money on your next road trip with our top three driving tools. | Photo courtesy of

Save time and money on your next road trip with these top three interactive driving tools.

SLIDESHOW: Secretary Moniz Tours 2014 Washington Auto Show

Highlights from Secretary Moniz's tour of the Washington Auto Show.

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Vehicles
At Argonne's Advanced Powertrain Research Facility, researchers conduct vehicle benchmarking and testing activities that provide data critical to the development and commercialization of next-generation vehicles.| Photo courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory

Highlighting our list of the most interesting facts about electric vehicles.

#YearofAction: Growing the Clean Energy Economy
During the State of the Union address, President Obama highlighted how the U.S. is a global leader in solar energy. | Photo by Pete Souza, White House.

Highlighting a few of the ways the Energy Department is working to achieve the President's goals by growing the clean energy economy.