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Previous Technical Assistance

The following are some Technical Assistance Work Products from 1998-2003.

Sponsored Sample Products
DOE co-funded report examines the current status of the U.S. Electric Transmission System. Report finds transmission capacity continues to be added at a slower rate than consumer demand is growing.

Additional Program-Sponsored Sample Products

The Electric Markets Technical Assistance Program is supporting efforts by the Western Governors' Association (WGA), its subsidiary Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB), and related ad-hoc subregional groups in the West as they work toward greater regional coordination and planning of regional electric infrastructure. See November 2003 presentation for more information.

At the request of the Governors, the West's informal regional electric coordinating body known as the Committee on Regional Electric Power Cooperation (CREPC) (an arm of WGA/WIEB) launched a bottom-up evaluation of the value of a regional body that would be more formal than CREPC. DOE is funding support of this evaluation and improved Western regional electric cooperation and planning. DOE funding is in three forms:

  1. A grant awarded to WGA/WIEB;
  2. Technical assistance provided to WGA/WIEB by the Electricity Market Studies Group of LBNL and The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP); and
  3. More limited technical assistance given to the Rocky Mountain Area Transmission Study (RMATS) group by Oak Ridge National Laboratory on transmission technology alternatives.

This support is provided at the direction of WGA/WEIB staff to CREPC and its working groups.