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EA-1761: Final Environmental Assessment

Clemson University Wind Turbine Drivetrain Test Facility

Clemson University is proposing to construct and operate a Wind Turbine Drivetrain Test Facility (DTTF) at the Clemson University Research Institute in North Charleston, South Carolina. This project would promote industry/government/university collaboration in research and workforce education and would be manned with a dedicated workforce to service industry needs with additional services offered by established local industries as needed by customers. The proposed wind turbine test facility would be built on the Charleston Naval Complex (CNC), on a brownfield site formerly owned by the U.S. Navy. The facility would consist of two test rigs equipped with independent drive systems. Each test rig would be capable of testing a range of wind turbine drivetrains, up to a 15-megawatt (MW) unit on Rig #1 and up a 7.5-MW unit on Rig #2. Rig #1 would have the capability to apply loads to the main shaft of the specimen drive-train, replicating forces and moments along three axes thereby simulating actual blade forces experienced in the field