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View Office of Management Organization Chart in PDF format.

Office of Resource Management and Planning
The Office of Resource Management and Planning provides the leadership and centralized management and direction of the Office of Management (MA) planning, budgeting, financial, human resources, and program execution processes; ensures that these processes are effective, and fully integrated and consistent with the Department-wide processes and requirements.

Office of Aviation Management
The Department of Energy, Aviation Program is the management function for all fleet aircraft and contracted aviation services for the Department. The program and its management personnel operate world-wide. To take advantage of the best communications and information services available, we have chosen the Net as one of our mainstays. The services provided from the DOE Aviation Home Page are designed to support our operating personnel. Except for our licensed subscription services and official documents transfer protocols, we welcome the use of our system by all interested persons. 

Office of Administration
The Office of Administration is a service organization that is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction. We provide the Department of Energy with a variety of services, including safety and occupant emergency response planning, space management and building operations, printing, mail, travel and transportation both domestic and foreign, the DOE Exchange Visitor Program, conferencing and special events support, photography, recycling, document scanning, property management and moving support. 

Office of Acquisition and Project Management (APM)
The Office of Acquisition and Project maintains the e-center which is the Department of Energy's web site for information on doing business with the Department of Energy, including viewing current business opportunities, registering to submit proposals, and obtaining information and guidance on the acquisition and financial assistance award process. The Office also provides guidance and assistance to Government and private sector professionals seeking statuatory and/or regulatory information in the areas of procurement, financial assistance, personal property, contractor human resources management, professional development, or business practices. The office drives value-added change in the Department's Project Management and Real Property Management systems by providing corporate processes for and oversight of the Department's projects and real property assets while integrating sound fiscal acquisition and business practices into our management of projects and real property assetts. This Office also provides project management support to the Department's project directors. An APM organization chart is available here.

Office of the Executive Secretariat
As an organization within the Office of Management, the Executive Secretariat is charged with providing direct support to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretaries, and the Heads of Departmental Elements in support of orderly, timely, responsive, and coordinated processes that form the basis for effective formulation and implementation of policy and program decisions. The Secretariat uses its electronic document tracking and reporting systems to aggressively track the flow of critical documents and executive commitments, to gather statistical data, and to share pertinent information with departmental principals.   

Office of Information Resources
The Office of Information Resources is responsible for the Department’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office, and Directives and Conference Management Programs.  This office manages the Information Technology Program for the Office of Management.