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Special Report: IG-0899

November 26, 2013

Management Challenges at the Department of Energy – Fiscal Year 2014

With its critically important missions in mind, the Office of Inspector General identifies what it considers to be the most significant management challenges facing the Department of Energy each year.  The purpose of this effort is to identify challenges to the Department's wide-ranging operations as well as problems with specific management processes.  The overall goal is to focus attention on key issues with the objective of aiding Department managers in their efforts to enhance the effectiveness of agency programs and operations.

Based on the results of our body of work over the past year, in our judgment, the management challenges list for Fiscal Year 2014 remains largely consistent with that of the previous year.  These challenges include:  operational efficiency and cost savings, contract and financial assistance award management, cyber security, environmental cleanup, human capital management, nuclear waste disposal, safeguards and security, and stockpile stewardship.

Topic: Managment and Administration