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Excessing of Computers Used for Unclassified Controlled Information at the Idaho National Laboratory, IG-0755

I11 suppoi-t of its mission, the Department of Energy spends over $2 billioil each year on
infonnation teclulology and has a current inventory of approxiinately 800 info~mations ystems,
including up to 11 5,000 personal computers, many powerful supercomputers, numerous servers,
and a broad array of related peripheral equipment. The unclassified computers and electroil~c
inelllory devices in these infomlation technology systeins often contain "unclassified controlled
infoimation." This tenn includes unclassified controlled nuclear information, proprietary
information, export controlled information, official use only inforn~ationa, nd personally
identifiable infom~ation(P II), which can include employees' social security numbers, places of
birth, and dates of birth.