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Audit Report: DOE/IG-0909

May 7, 2014

Implementation of Recommendations from the January 2012 Independent Consultant's Review of the Department of Energy Loan and Loan Guarantee Portfolio

The Department of Energy's Loan Programs Office was created to accelerate the domestic commercial deployment of innovative and advanced clean energy technologies.  As of April 2014, the Program oversaw a loan portfolio of approximately $30 billion made through 31 loans and loan guarantees.  An independent consultant's report, issued in January 2012, identified areas for Program improvement and provided 12 overall recommendations aimed at enhancing the oversight and management of the Program.  We received a complaint alleging that the Program had not fully implemented the consultant's recommendations. 

The allegations were not substantiated.  Specifically, the Department had completed actions to address 4 of the report's 12 recommendations and initiated actions in response to the remaining 8 recommendations.  While the Department had made substantial progress in implementing recommended improvements, we were unable to make a determination as to whether these efforts would ultimately be fully effective to address all of the issues identified by the consultant, because a number of actions, such as clarifying authorities, establishing an external advisory board, and incorporating lessons learned were still ongoing. 

Topic: Management and Administration