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Audit of Department of Energy International Charter Flights, IG-0397

In our November 1994 report entitled, “Audit of Department of Energy International Charter
Flights,” we reported that the Department had not established a systematic and costeffective
process to acquire international air services. We suggested that the Department
establish written policy and procedures for acquiring international air service including
clarification of the responsibilities for all interested parties. We stated that the written
policy and procedures should clarify the responsibilities of the Office of Human Resources
and Administration, Headquarters Procurement, and Office of Aviation Policy. In addition,
in a December 20, 1994, memorandum to the Deputy Secretary we concluded that the
Department ensure that international air service processes and procedures be established
before any additional trips were taken.
This section of the report discusses the actions Department officials have taken to respond
to our November 1994 report and December 20, 1994, memorandum, and our review of
the process they followed to acquire international air services for the four trade missions to
India, Pakistan, China and South Africa. During the 16 trips, a variety of modes of
transportation were used. Table 20 shows the method of travel used by the Secretary and
her staff for each of the 16 foreign trips including the four trade missions. The Office of
Aviation Operations Policy has been renamed the Office of Field Support (EH-53). The
Office of Field Support is responsible for: (1) assisting the Office of the Secretary and
Headquarters staff offices with travel planning and arrangements for domestic and
international air travel, and (2) implementation and assurance of compliance with DOE andh