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George Collard - Assistant Inspector General for Audits

George W. Collard was appointed Assistant Inspector General for Audits in December 2010. He manages all audits of the Department’s programs and activities in the Office of Inspector General's Central and Western Divisions. Mr. Collard directs the planning, execution, and reporting on program results, contract administration, and economy and efficiency of each of the Department’s major program areas. In this capacity, he leads a professional staff located in 11 geographical locations. Prior to his current position Mr. Collard was responsible for audits in the National Nuclear Security, Science and Energy areas.

Prior to joining the Office of Inspector General, Mr. Collard worked with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). While with the GAO, Mr. Collard led audits of a wide variety of government programs including justice, health and human services, small business assistance, and economic development.

Mr. Collard has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Bryant College and has taken graduate studies at American University. He has also taken advance management studies at the Federal Executive Institute. Mr. Collard is the recipient of numerous awards to include the Presidential Rank Award and has been recognized for his exemplary audit work through a number of Awards for Excellence from the Council of Inspector General’s on Integrity and Efficiency.