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Calendar Year 2001

December 21, 2001
Special Report: IG-0538

Management Challenges at the Department of Energy

December 21, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0537

Telecommunications Infrastructure

December 20, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0536

Follow-on Inspection of the Department of Energy’s Value Engineering Program

December 18, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0535

Management of the Stockpile Surveillance Program’s Significant Finding Investigations

December 7, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0533

Inspection of the Department of Energy’s Automated Export Control System

December 1, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0534

Inspection of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Protective Force and Special Response Team

November 19, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0532

Progress of the Spallation Neutron Source Project

November 13, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0531

Inspection of Cyber Security Standards for Sensitive Personal Information

November 13, 2001
Inquiry Report: I01IG001

Review of Alleged Conflicts of Interest Involving a Legal Services Contract for the Yucca Mountain Project

November 9, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0530

Inspection of the Management of Personal Property at the Ashtabula Environmental Management Project