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Preliminary Notice of Violation , Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site - EA-96-05

October 7, 1996

Preliminary Notice of Violation issued to Safe Sites of Colorado related to Radiological and Work Control Deficiencies associated with Two Radiological Release Events at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site,  (EA-96-05)

Based on our evaluation of these matters, DOE has concluded that violations of DOE's Occupational Radiation Protection Rule (10 CFR 835) and Quality Assurance Rule (10 CFR 830.120) likely occurred. An enforcement conference was held with you, as well as senior management of KHLL and Rocky Mountain Remediation Services (RMRS), on September 10, 1996. This conference included a discussion of the facts and circumstances surrounding these incidents, potential violations and weaknesses, safety significance of radiological and work control problems, and the status of corrective actions. A conference summary report is enclosed.