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Enforcement Letter, Bechtel Nevada - February 26, 2003

February 26, 2003

Enforcement Letter issued to Bechtel Nevada related to Authorization Basis Noncompliances at the Nevada Test Site

This letter refers to the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) review of the facts and circumstances related to certain nuclear safety noncompliances during 2002 at the Nevada Test Site. These noncompliances were identified in the process of conducting a limited Price-Anderson Amendments Act (PAAA) Program Review of Bechtel Nevada during November 14-15, 2002, by DOE’s Office of Price-Anderson Enforcement (OE), in coordination with DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office (NNSA/NSO). These matters are being called to your attention through this Enforcement Letter since these noncompliances had not been handled in accordance with DOE’s PAAA enforcement policy and procedures. Of particular concern is that many of the deficiencies in identifying, tracking, reporting, and correcting nuclear safety noncompliances identified in our limited review had been brought to Bechtel Nevada’s attention by OE in November 2000 following a PAAA Program Review. It is apparent that little, if any, action was taken in response to that Review’s findings.