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Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement

DOE's Office of Enforcement in the Office of the General Counsel leads the Department's efforts to ensure manufacturers deliver products that meet energy and water conservation standards.  Compliant products save energy and money for American consumers and businesses.  This page provides information to the public about actions the Office has taken to improve compliance.

Enforcement activities ensure compliance with energy-efficiency standards and other regulations through prosecution of violations, issuance of guidance, and extensive outreach.  In addition, the Office of Enforcement works closely with the Building Technologies Program, which conducts testing to verify that products provide the energy savings they advertise.

(Note: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces compliance with the ENERGY STAR specifications. The Federal Trade Commission ensures that efficiency representations on the EnergyGuide label fairly represent the performance of those appliances.)

DOE Enforcement activities fall within three categories.  Conservation standards cases deal with manufacturers that distributed products in the U.S. that DOE has found do not meet the required energy standards.  Compliance certification cases deal with manufacturers that either have not certified that the products that they manufacture and distribute in the U.S. have been tested and meet the applicable energy conservation standards or have submitted invalid compliance certifications.  With respect to ENERGY STAR, DOE refers to the EPA any products DOE tests that do not meet the ENERGY STAR specification.