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URTAC Committee Members

2012-2014 Unconventional Resources Technology Advisory Committee Members


Dr. Nancy J. Brown*
Senior Scientist and Department Head
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Mr. Wayne K. Camp
Senior Geological Advisor
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Ms. Jessica J. Cavens
EnCana Oil & Gas (USA)

Mr. William S. Daugherty
Managing Partner Blackridge Resources

Mr. James P. Dwyer
VP Region Engineering
Baker Hughes

Mr. J. Chris Hall
Drilling & Production Co.

Dr. Bob A. Hardage*
Senior Research Scientist
Univ. of Texas at Austin

Mr. John A. Harju*
Associate Director for Research
Energy & Environmental Research Center
University of North Dakota

Dr. Robert L. Kleinberg
Technical Lead, Unconventional Resources
Schlumberger-Doll Research

Mr. Fletcher S. Lewis
Rainmaker Oil & Gas

Dr. John P. Martin
JPMartin Energy Strategy LLC

Mr. Gregory Mason
Exploration and Production Manager
The Energy Cooperative

Dr. Shahab D. Mohaghegh*
West Virginia University

Briana Mordick
Oil & Gas Fellow
Natural Resources Defense Council

Mr. Gary J. Nilson
Manager, Engineering Training and Technology Rockies Asset Team
Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.

Mr. Kenneth D. Oglesby
Vice President
Acorn Resources, Inc.

Mr. Don L. Sparks
Chairman of the Board
Discovery Operating, Inc.


* Special Government employee