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Carbon Capture and Storage Research

Key Programs and Initiatives

Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships
DOE has created a nationwide network of federal, state and private sector partnerships to determine the most suitable technologies, regulations, and infrastructure for future carbon capture, storage and sequestration in different areas of the country.  

Industrial Carbon Capture & Storage
DOE is managing a cost-shared collaboration with industry to demonstrate large-scale industrial carbon capture, and storage technology.      

Recovery Act Projects
The Office of Fossil Energy has received $3.4 billion from the Recovery Act to fund research, development and deployment of technologies to use coal more cleanly and efficiently. 

Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage
DOE co-chairs this task force, created by President Obama, to develop a coordinated federal strategy to speed the development and deployment of clean coal technologies. 

The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
DOE represents the United States in the CSLF. The CSLF is an international ministerial-level panel that meets regularly to advance scientific RD&D of carbon capture and storage technologies on a global scale.   

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Core Program
DOE's Fossil Energy program is developing a portfolio of technologies that can capture and permanently store greenhouse gases. Read more about DOE's sequestration R&D program by clicking on the following links: