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Energy 101 Videos: Learn More About the Basics!

August 30, 2010 - 4:42pm


Okay, so we already pointed out the Energy Basics Web site last week. Because I'm going to talk about something on the site, I wanted to remind you all of what it is: a brand new Web site on EERE that talks about the basics of how energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies work. A little place to find out the "What is it, and how does it work?" nuggets of information, basically.

But I wanted to point out something in particular: the Energy 101 series of videos!

There are two so far, although more will be posted in the future. The two that are there now, Wind Turbines Basics and Concentrating Solar Power Basics, provide extremely easy-to-understand, entry-level introductions to the two technologies they cover. So if you need to learn the gist of how something works in just a couple of minutes, be sure to give them a look!

The site in general has a ton of information that introduces you to everything from renewable energy to buildings to industry to vehicles, but since we told you about that last week, you hopefully already gave it a glance!