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Safety and Health Regulatory and Policy Response Line

The Response Line is a service maintained by the Office of Worker Safety and Health Policy, AU-11, within the Office of Health and Safety, AU-10. It provides responses to questions from DOE and DOE contractor personnel regarding worker safety and health requirements and guidance.

The information contained in responses are technical clarifications to a DOE Rule or Directive and should only be applied to the specific conditions described in a response. These responses represent the best available technical knowledge available from the Department's subject matter experts and are NOT binding upon the DOE.  These responses DO NOT represent approval of a variance, exemption, or equivalence for any requirements.  Requests for exemptions or equivalences for Directives must follow the procedures in DOE O 251.1C.  Interpretive rulings that are binding on DOE may only be made by DOE's Office of General Counsel.

Requestors may use the "Submit Question" form to request a response.