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Office of Environmental Protection, Sustainability Support & Corporate Safety Analysis


The Office of Environmental, Sustainability and Operational Analysis establishes environmental protection requirements and expectations for the Department to ensure protection of workers and the public and protection of the environment from the hazards associated with all Department operations. The Office provides assistance to field elements in implementation of policy and resolving environmental protection issues.

The Office manages and promotes mission support programs and provides analysis of Department of Energy (DOE)-wide performance in protecting the public, the workers and the environment while performing the missions of DOE. This analysis is valued in corporate decision-making and synthesizes operational information to support continuous environment, safety and health (ES&H) improvement across the DOE complex. The Office seeks improvements in protection methods and provides feedback that is used to enhance safety and health policies.


  • Implements an integrated approach to customer and stakeholder needs in the development and maintenance of environmental policy.
  • Provides technical support and assistance to DOE program and field elements in understanding and implementing environmental policies and requirements.
  • Maintains effective liaison with line managers and other offices within the Office of Health, Safety and Security and external organizations to assist in identifying and resolving site-specific and crosscutting issues and concerns related to environmental protection policy.
  • Develops, promulgates and maintains environmental protection policy.
  • Maintains liaison with regulatory agencies and interagency and international committees with respect environmental protection matters.
  • Serves as the Department's representative on Federal and international organizations establishing public and environmental radiation protection policy.
  • Assures that the Office implements an integrated approach to customer and stakeholder needs in the management of mission support programs, analysis of Department ES&H performance and health surveillance and studies.
  • Manages the DOE Corporate Operating Experience Program in accordance with DOE Order 210.2.
  • Maintains effective liaison with line managers and other offices within HSS to identify issues and concerns.
  • Provides recommendations to the Deputy Chief for Mission Support Operations regarding requests for waivers of the requirement to conduct Type A or Type B accident investigations.
  • Maintains the corporate ES&H issues management process and ensures effective implementation.
  • Provides quality management of safety analysis and corporate safety program activities and products.