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Office of Classification


The Office of Classification develops and interprets Government-wide and Department-wide policies, procedures and guidance, performs document reviews, and conducts training to ensure the accurate identification of information and documents that must be classified or controlled under statute or Executive order to protect the National Security, and controlled unclassified information (Official Use Only) to protect commercial and private interests and to provide for the effective operation of the Government.


  • Ensures a continuous review of classification policy and guidance for Restricted Data (RD) and Formerly Restricted Data (FRD) as required by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and recommends for the approval of the Associate Under Secretary all actions involving the declassification of RD and FRD information.
  • Serves as the Senior Agency Official responsible for directing and administering those portions of Executive Order 12958 which apply to identifying National Security Information (NSI) within DOE and NNSA.  Declassifies NSI in any subject area under DOE or NNSA cognizance.
  • Serves as the Denying Official for classified information under DOE cognizance for initial requests of documents made under the Freedom of Information Act and the Mandatory provisions of E.O. 13526.
  • Maintains liaison with and serves as the DOE contact with foreign governments on matters concerning the classification and declassification of information. 
  • Directs the development of classification and declassification standards as required for international agreements for cooperation pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act, and directs the review and evaluation of foreign classification policies and procedures established under such agreements to ensure compliance.
  • Appoints Classification Officers, HQ Classification Representatives, Secret Original Classifiers, Top Secret Derivative Classifiers, HQ Derivative Classifiers and HQ UCNI Reviewing Officials for DOE Organizations.
  • Manages and directs the Office of Quality Management, the Office of Technical Guidance and the Office of Document Reviews.