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The Process, Methods and Tool Used To Integrate Safety During Design of a Category 2 Nuclear Facility

August 2009

Presenter: Lynn J. Harkey, SDIT Project Engineer, Uranium Processing Facility Project, B&W Y-12
Track 5-2

Topics Covered:

  • What is Uranium Processing Facility (UPF)?
  • UPF Mission
  • UPF's Role in Y-12 Transformation
  • B&W Y-12 Objectives and Strategies 2006
  • UPF Implementation of DOE-STD-1189
  • UPF Pre-DOE-STD-1189
  • UPF SDIT Objectives
  • UPF SDIT Composition
  • SDIT Reporting Relationships On UPF
  • Ongoing SDIT Collaborations
  • DOE-STD-1189 Implementation Difficulties