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CRAD, Verification and Validation of Facilities Procedures Assessment Plan

Performance Objective: 

The purpose of this assessment is verify and validate the process for the development of operations procedures and that procedures are in place which provide direction to personnel to ensure that the facility is operated within its design bases.


  • Operations procedures should be written to provide specific direction for operating systems and equipment during normal and postulated abnormal and emergency conditions.  (DOE O 5480.19 A)
  • Operations procedures should provide appropriate direction to ensure that the facility is operated within its design bases and should be effectively used to support safe operations of the facility.  (DOE O 5480.19 A)
  • To ensure consistency among operations procedures, the methods for developing new procedures, including formats, should be clearly defined.  (DOE O 5480.19 C 1)
  • Administrative procedures and/or writers' guides should direct the development and review process for procedures.  (DOE O 5480.19 C 1)
  • Procedures should be developed for all anticipated operations, evolutions, tests, and abnormal or emergency situations.  (DOE O 5480.19 C 1)
  • All procedures should provide administrative and technical direction to conduct the intent of the procedure effectively.  (DOE O 5480.19 C 1)
  • Procedure changes and revisions are necessary to ensure that procedures reflect current operating practices and requirements.  (DOE O 5480.19 C 3)
  • Operating procedures should be approved by the operations supervisor.  (DOE O 5480.19 C 4)
  • Procedures that affect safety-related equipment and emergency procedures should be reviewed by the facility safety review committee or by another appropriate review mechanism.  (DOE O 5480.19 C 4)