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CRAD, Lessons Learned Assessment Plan

Performance Objective:

Management should have an established Lessons Learned Program with an effective system to continuously distribute information of improvement in safe operations to all affected personnel.


  • Timely and effective action is taken to track and correct identified deficiencies and to prevent their recurrence by addressing their basic causes and related generic problems. (DOE/EH-0135)
  • Management installs an effective corrective action program (caWeb) for safety-related issues, wherein records are updated and actions are tracked through completion.  (DOE/EH-0135)
  • Management uses the corrective action program (caWeb) as the database to analyze safety issues, implement corrective actions, and define lessons learned.  (DOE/EH-0135)
  • An effective system is emplaced to disseminate information necessary for safe operations directly to employees.  (DOE/EH-0135)