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Federal Utility Partnership Working Group

The Federal Utility Partnership Working Group (FUPWG) establishes partnerships and facilitates communications among federal agencies, utilities, and energy service companies. FUPWG develops strategies to implement cost-effective energy efficiency and water conservation projects through utility incentive programs at federal sites.

The mission and objectives of the Federal Utility Partnership Working Group are to:

  • Enhance existing or foster new partnerships between federal agencies and their servicing utilities to identify, develop, and implement cost-effective energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy projects at federal sites

  • Identify how utilities can help federal agencies meet energy management goals required by legislation

  • Expand the communication infrastructure between federal agencies, specific sites, and utilities regarding all aspects of federal energy management

  • Prepare agencies for upcoming changes in the electric utility industry and provide information regarding recent technological developments in the areas of energy efficiency and water conservation.

Read about FUPWG's industry commitment and its purpose, policies, and operations.

Agency and Utility Partners

FUPWG participants include federal agencies, utilities, and energy service organizations. See the lists of agency and utility partners.


The Federal Utility Partnership Working Group meets twice a year to share success stories, get updates about the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), and to discuss FUPWG business. Find information about FUPWG's upcoming and past seminars.

Data Collection

FEMP encourages agencies and utilities to voluntarily collect utility energy service contract (UESC) project data to help FEMP improve its UESC activities. To submit project data to FEMP, fill out the UESC Data Collection Template, and send it to Eric Lowe. All information is kept confidential.