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Energy Management in Federal Facilities

  • Data Centers

    Federal data centers used nearly 10% of federal electricity use in 2013. Find out how to make data centers more energy efficient.

  • Laboratories

    Laboratory activities and ventilation requirements can be energy intensive. Find out how to make laboratories more efficient.

  • Operations and Maintenance

    Facilities rely on pumps, motors, and fans for everyday operations. Find out how to maintain equipment for efficiency.

  • Sustainable Buildings and Campuses

    Sustainable design offers energy, cost, and environmental benefits. Find out about how to make buildings sustainable.

  • Water Efficiency

    Installing meters and efficient fixtures are two ways to reduce water use. Find out about other ways to increase efficiency.

The Federal Energy Management Program provides information and best practices about how to achieve energy and water efficiency in the following facility areas.

  • Data Centers: Learn about how to plan and construct energy-efficient data centers.
  • Laboratories: Find out how to take a whole-building approach to improve laboratory energy efficiency.
  • Operations and Maintenance: Develop operations and maintenance plans that ensure systems and equipment are reliable, safe, and energy efficient. Information about commissioning and metering is also available.
  • Sustainable Buildings and Campuses: Learn about sustainable design practices and how to implement them.
  • Water Efficiency: Find out how to increase water efficiency and reduce water use in buildings and outdoor applications.