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New Course Teaches Best Practices for Water Management for Federal Facilities

May 8, 2014 - 11:13am


The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) now offers Best Practices for Comprehensive Water Management for Federal Facilities, a new e-Training core course that provides the knowledge and skills to increase efficiency and reduce water use through sound operations and maintenance (O&M) practices and water-efficient technologies.

It also covers methods to meet non-potable water needs through the use of alternate water sources, such as rainwater harvesting and reclaimed wastewater. Best practices for water metering and establishing the overall economics for strategic water management are discussed. Participants will learn to:

  • Choose among the best methods for distribution system leak detection and repair

  • Understand water efficient O&M practices for irrigation

  • Specify indoor and outdoor water efficiency solutions for facilities by demonstrating knowledge of various technologies

  • Select water efficiency solutions for process equipment and water distribution systems, including technology selection, retrofit options, O&M considerations, and life cycle costs.

The course instructor is Kate McMordie Stoughton, CEM, LEED AP, a water efficiency engineer with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where she develops and instructs water resource management workshops, develops strategic plans for water management at Federal sites, and assists with policy guidance.

After completing a course evaluation and multiple-choice assessment, participants will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible for continuing education units.

FEMP eTraining core courses are designed for Federal energy and facility managers, but are open to all individuals through the FEMP Training site. Courses are hosted in partnership with the National Institute of Building Sciences Whole Building Design Guide.

Requires Google Chrome, Firefox 4.0+, Internet Explorer 7.0+ or Safari, and the Adobe Flash 9+ plugin.