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Commercial Building Energy Asset Score

Photo of a laptop with energy asset score image on the screen.The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is developing a Commercial Building Energy Asset Score (Asset Score) program to allow building owners and managers to more accurately assess building energy performance. The Asset Score program will act as a national standard and will include the Commercial Building Energy Asset Scoring Tool (Asset Scoring Tool) to evaluate the physical characteristics and as-built energy efficiency of buildings. The Asset Scoring Tool will identify cost-effective energy efficient improvements that, if implemented, can reduce energy bills and potentially improve building asset value. View the Asset Score fact sheet for a brief overview of the program.

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Gain Insight Into Your Building Energy Assets

DOE's Asset Score program will allow for a comparison of as-built energy efficiency between buildings while controlling for differences in building operational choices. It will help commercial building owners and operators gain insight into the efficiency of their building systems and identify potential upgrade areas.

Web-Based Modeling Application

The free Asset Scoring Tool combines a simplified data input application with the powerful EnergyPlus building modeling engine. It helps building owners and managers to disaggregate building energy information and includes a mechanism for identifying energy improvement opportunities. The Asset Scoring Tool is simple to use and a preliminary report documenting your Asset Score can be quickly obtained with limited knowledge of building energy efficiency.

2013 Commercial Building Energy Asset Score Pilot

DOE pilot tested the Commercial Building Energy Asset Score with building owners and operators around the country during the summer and fall of 2013. For more information, and to view a series of webinar presentations, including the April 16, 2014 webinar in which DOE presented the pilot findings and program update, visit the Pilot Program page.

Goals and Objectives

The U.S. Department of Energy's goal in undertaking a national Asset Score program is to facilitate cost-effective investment and energy efficiency in commercial buildings. The Asset Score program will allow building owners to benchmark their buildings against peers and other market players, allowing them to understand the relative efficiency of different buildings. The Asset Score program will provide a centralized modeling tool that reduces the implementation cost and increases the standardization compared with an approach that requires users to build their own energy models. In other words, building owners do not need to hire an expert energy modeler to perform a preliminary energy analysis and obtain an Asset Score. The Asset Scoring Tool provides value in the first step of assessing a building by identifying some possible upgrade opportunities.

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