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Policy and Analysis Team

The mission of Policy and Analysis is to provide consistent, objective, and credible analysis for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's (EERE's) activities and an understanding of the effect of various policies on EERE's core mission. This includes informing investment decisions through data and scenario analyses in order to maximize their effectiveness and return on investment for the taxpayer.

The Policy and Analysis team achieves its mission by delivering:

Why it Matters

  • We inform EERE's corporate decisions and program implementation through data-driven, portfolio-based analysis of technology and policy to help drive cost-effective decisions.
  • We provide the information to explain the impact of EERE's programs on the U.S. energy supply and demand, on job creation and the economy, on U.S. industrial competitiveness, on the local and global environment, and in other areas to drive future public and private funding.
  • We work to increase the transparency, rigor, and utility of EERE's data and analysis to provide a credible context for technology investment.
  • We provide analysis and promote understanding of how various policy options affect markets, business development, and clean energy deployment and adoption.