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August 25, 2015
The US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015 is recruiting volunteers! The award-winning educational event, October 8-18 in Irvine, California, will showcase solar efficiency houses designed and built by collegiate teams worldwide. Source: Alexis Powers
Solar Decathlon 2015: Build it and They Will Come

The US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015 is recruiting volunteers! The award-winning educational event, October 8-18 in Irvine, California, will showcase solar efficiency houses designed and built by collegiate teams worldwide.

August 25, 2015
When waiting to pick your kids up from school, turn off your car instead of idling in the parking lot. | <em>Photo from Kristy Keel-Blackmon/NREL</em>
Back to School: Saving Fuel in the Last Days of Summer

With school starting in many areas of the country, summer is coming to an end—but that doesn’t always mean that the hot weather is gone. When picking up or dropping off your kids at school, practice, or any number of after-school activities, keeping them comfortable is crucial to a complaint-free ride. To keep your passengers comfortable without spending extra at the pump, here are some ways to make sure you’re saving money and fuel.

August 21, 2015
This gigantic animated globe will soon take environmental awareness to a whole new level! The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA’s) Science On a Sphere, like this one at their headquarters in Maryland, will soon feature new energy datasets to project on these animated globes worldwide. |Photo courtesy of Erin Twamley, Energy Department.
Energy on a Sphere

The Energy Department is tapping into Science On a Sphere -- a new tool developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- to display renewable energy visualizations at museums and science technology centers worldwide.

August 20, 2015
Art created by a student at John Briggs Elementary School as part of their recent Green Ceremony.  John Briggs Elementary is one of the Massachusetts schools switching their heating fuel source from petroleum based fuels to wood pellets.
Massachusetts Schools Switch to Wood Pellets

As students head back to school in Massachusetts, they will have an opportunity to learn firsthand about clean energy in the classroom. Several schools in the Southern Berkshire Regional District and across the state are switching to wood pellets for their primary heat source with the Energy Department providing support through our State Energy Program.

August 18, 2015
River Turbine Provides Clean Energy to Remote Alaskan Village

A revolutionary river turbine device, developed with funding from DOE, will provide affordable power to a remote Alaskan village. If successful, this project will pave the way for making greater use of hydrokinetic tidal energy in the future.

August 17, 2015
Thanks to Energy Department Funding, Safer Access to Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms is Demonstrated

DOE funding has helped improve worker safety on offshore wind turbines. Industry partners have created a new type of ladder designed to be safer, even in rougher seas, than existing boat-to-turbine crossings.

August 14, 2015
Wave Energy Prize Narrowed from 92 Teams to Top 20

After an unprecedented 92 teams registered to compete in the Energy Department-funded Wave Energy Prize, today we announced the top 20 teams. These teams all passed through Technology Gate 1: providing a thorough technical submission detailing their device and its functionality.

August 13, 2015
Employee vehicles plugged into workplace chargers available at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. | Photo courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
EV Everywhere Seeks Your Designs

In order to increase the public’s awareness of EV Everywhere, the Energy Department is launching an EV Everywhere logo contest, which will attract attention to plug-in vehicles.

August 13, 2015
Molecular biologist Dr. Amanda Barry at Los Alamos National Laboratory's environmental photobioreactor matrix, which simulates microalgal biofuel pond conditions. <a href="/node/1143116">Algal biofuels have big potential</a> for America's clean energy future. | <a href="">Los Alamos National Laboratory</a> photo
8 Questions for a Scientist: Molecular Biologist Dr. Amanda Barry

We chatted with one of the Energy Department's leading molecular biologists, Dr. Amanda Barry, who is working to create biofuels from algae at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

August 10, 2015
Getting It Right: Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Are Good Investments

Two forthcoming peer-reviewed, national studies from the Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory will provide fresh evidence that the federal Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a good investment. Their findings show that WAP’s energy efficiency upgrades are indeed cost-effective with energy savings exceeding the costs by a factor of 1.4.