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@Energy Tweets the State of the Union 2013

February 13, 2013 - 3:27pm


@Energy Tweets the State of the Union 2013

Recap of the annual State of the Union Address, delivered by the President on February 12, 2013.

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Wed, Feb 13 2013 19:28:46

Yesterday we invited you to join us on Twitter (#SOTU) to share reactions and compelling moments as the President delivered the 2013 State of the Union Address

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During his remarks, the President covered a variety of energy topics – from climate change to advanced manufacturing. Watch the video below for a rundown of State of the Union energy highlights

President Obama Talks Energy at the State of the Union 2013 ·

On the topic of energy, the President stressed the progress we've made.

From drastically reducing America's foreign oil dependence...

MAP: U.S. Foreign Oil Dependence Hits 20 Year Low, data via @EIAGov #SOTU ·
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To doubling America's #cleanenergy power generation...

U.S. #cleanenergy power generation by state in 2001 vs. 2011 ·
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To reducing carbon emissions.
While significant progress has been made, the President encouraged new, more aggressive targets to effectively combat #climatechange. 

President Obama in #SOTU: "we must do more to combat #ClimateChange" ·
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New targets include a focus on staying competitive in the global clean energy marketplace -- a key generator of jobs, manufacturing opportunities and economic growth:
Increasing the efficiency of American homes & businesses was another key goal -- including a pledge to work with states to to develop innovative approaches to reducing energy waste:
During his speech, the President shared innovative energy initiatives -- including a push for more manufacturing hubs "where businesses will partner with the Department of Defense and Energy to turn regions left behind by globalization into global centers of high-tech jobs."
In part, the hubs will be modeled after a recently completed additive manufacturing facility in Youngstown, Ohio -- learn about it here
For more energy highlights from the State of the Union address -- including access to transcripts and video -- visit our State of the Union page on
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