White House Science Fair Recap

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White House Science Fair Recap
Highlights from the inaugural WH science fair on Monday, Ocotober 18th, 2010.
President Obama
Video Courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov

NARRATOR:  On Monday, October 18th, the first White House Science Fair was held in the State Dining Room to showcase the winners of a broad range of science, technology and math competitions, including a solar car model shown to the president by Mikayla Nelson of Billings, MT.

MIKAYLA NELSON:  (Off mic) – It’s made out of carbon fiber laminate, which is basically – it’s two carbon fiber sheets that are 90 degrees to each other.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:  Well, we’re going to have to have you work for one of the auto companies so to get them to design the next generation of cars, huh?  This is a good start.

MS. NELSON:  That would be nice.  (Thanks ?).

NARRATOR:  After seeing other exhibits of motorized wheelchairs, water purification systems and a soccer-playing robot –

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Well, let’s just, like, point it this way – (laughter) – and see what happens.

NARRATOR:  – the president made remarks about the importance of science and innovation to our economy and our future.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  We welcome championship sports teams to the White House to celebrate their victories.  I’ve had the Lakers here.  I’ve had the Saints here.  I thought we ought to do the same thing for the winners of science fairs.

You know, when you win first place at a science fair, nobody’s rushing the field or dumping Gatorade over your head – (laughter) – but in many ways our future depends on what happens in those contests.