The Recovery Act is "Lighting Up" the streets of Philadelphia

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The Recovery Act is "Lighting Up" the streets of Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Streets Department is converting 58,000 yellow and green traffic signals and will replace approximately 27,000 red LED lights that have come to the end of their useful life. The project will use approximately $3 million in EECBG funds, matched with $3 million in PECO funding, and will save the city approximately $1 million in electric costs each year.
Micheal Nutter, Toby Russel, Katherine Gajewski, DeLain Best,
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MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER (D-PA):  We’re here to announce a partnership among the city, the Department of Energy and the federal Department of Energy.  And we have Congressman Fattah here representing the feds and of course PECO that will have our Streets Department technicians replace all of the city’s 90,000 traffic signals with the latest in LED technology right here in Philadelphia.

KATHERINE GAJEWSKI:  This program is one of the programs that we’re funding with our Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, and we are able to take $3 million of this funding and match it with a $3 million rebate from our utility, PECO Energy, to put $6 million into replacing all of our LED traffic signals across the city. So we’re going to be saving the city of Philadelphia money, and we’re also going to be able to put the crews to work who are doing the insulation work.

TOBY RUSSELL:  This project is one example of the literally thousands of energy-efficiency and renewable projects being undertaken by communities across the nation.  It benefits our nation by changing the way we consume energy at the same time as creating the local green jobs that are critical to revitalizing our economy.

DOUG WILLIAMS:  A little while ago, I applied, you know, to have a job with the city.  And a little bit – a while later, they gave me a letter for an interview.  They brought all of us on board and told us exactly what we would be hired for with this LED project.

DELAIN BEST:  I was looking for, I guess, a really good job, and I got one.  I don’t – I don’t have a problem with it at all.  Every day, it’s excellent for me.

MAYOR NUTTER:  Recovery is coming to cities.  We are making investments.  We are putting people to work and so we’re very, very excited and very pleased that President Obama and his administration are making investments in cities and helping all of us to work our way out of the recession.