Backstage at the Daily Show

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Backstage at the Daily Show
Backstage footage from Secretary Chu's appearance on the Daily Show where he discuses the green room candy dish and possible lighting considerations.
Secretary Steven Chu
Energy Department Video

SECRETARY STEVEN CHU:  I’m in the famous green room of the Jon Stewart show.  If you look around, I have all these games:  Monopoly, a Rubik’s Cube, Pictureka!

Now if – this is to amuse myself, but in actual fact, the most famous part of this room is this.  There’s enough chocolate here to put you on a high that – (chuckles) – will really get you going.

This is my wife, Jean. 

JEAN CHU:  (Chuckles.)  I’m – (chuckles) – edit this out!

(Begin recorded segment.)

STAFF:  We do a quick peek from here.  You get a bit of sense of it.

SEC. CHU:  OK.  So where do I sit? 

STAFF:  You’re going to be sitting to his – see Jon – that’s Jon’s chair, right here.

SEC. CHU:  Right.

STAFF:  And your chair’s going to be just to the right of that, to the desk. You know, you’ll be at the side of the desk to the right.

SEC. CHU:  Right.  On the other side.

(End recorded segment.)

SEC. CHU:   So I’m looking around here, and I – of course I’m – the hospitality here has been great.

But as secretary of energy, I have to comment.  If I look at these light bulbs here and there and there, golly, all incandescents!  But maybe we’ll see if we can fix Jon Stewart with compact fluorescents.   (Chuckles.)