Founded during the immense investment in scientific research in the period preceding World War II, the National Laboratories have served as the leading institutions for scientific innovation in the United States for more than sixty years.

The Energy Department's National Labs tackle the critical scientific challenges of our time -- from combating climate change to discovering the origins of our universe -- and possess unique instruments and facilities, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. They address large scale, complex research and development challenges with a multidisciplinary approach that places an emphasis on translating basic science to innovation.

The contacts database lists all of the National Laboratories as well as a point of contact at each laboratories technology transfer or partnership office.

Laboratory/Facility Name Name Email Phone Number
Ames Laboratory Stacy Joiner 515-294-5932
Argonne National Laboratory Megan Clifford 630-252-4470
Bettis and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories (HQ Input) Brian Lally 202-586-8298
Brookhaven National Laboratory Martin Schoonen 631-344-4014
Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex / Pantex Plant Jeremy Benton 865-241-5981
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Cherri J. Schmidt 630-840-5178
Idaho National Laboratory Jason Stolworthy 208-526-3437
Kansas City National Security Campus Andrew Myers 816-488-4432
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Russell Carrington 510-486-6439
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Richard Rankin 505-665-4401
Los Alamos National Laboratory Tony Rodondo 505-667-9738
National Energy Technology Laboratory Jessica Lamp 412-386-7417
National Renewable Energy Laboratory William Farris 303-275-3069
Nevada National Security Campus Robert Koss 702-295-1213
Nevada National Security Site Andrew Myers 816-488-4432
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Mike J Paulus 865-574-1051
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Robert Cheatham 509-375-6597
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Laurie Bagley 609-243-2425
Sandia National Laboratories Mary Monson 505-844-3289
Savannah River National Laboratory Chuck Meyers 505-844-3289
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Evan Elder 650-926-3580
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Drew Weisenberger 757-269-7090