The Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) engages with stakeholders, collects data on DOE’s technology transitions efforts, evaluates the impacts of those efforts, and uses that information to improve technology transitions and their commercial impact. These activities inform OTT as it develops and implements Department-wide services and activities including the Energy Investor Center (EIC) and the statutorily-mandated Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF).

OTT's core objectives include accessing capabilities and resources, accessing information and connectivity, streamlining policies and procedures, data collection, analysis and publications. The office enhances and fosters activities that guide interactions be-tween DOE’s National Laboratories and the private sector in collaborative research, strategic partner-ships, facilities access and transferring of technologies. OTT also engages in activities and provides information that assists the private sector in navigating the national laboratory system and identifying relevant assets, using industry input to better understand market needs, and to prioritize the types of technology transition activities requiring additional focus to achieve commercial impact. OTT uses input from external stakeholders as well as the Department’s management program and legal offices to clarify and streamline relevant technology transition activities, private-sector laboratory access and engagement policies and procedures.

OTT develops statutorily-mandated technology transfer-related reports annually. These reports consist of data collected from across the DOE enterprise. DOE collects more than 70 technology transfer-related data points for these reports. The information is used continually to improve the delivery of DOE’s missions and to encourage technology transitions as part of laboratory planning, evaluation, and professional development. The office’s two other primary responsibilities are the Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF) and the Energy Investor Center (EIC). The TCF is a nearly $20 million funding opportunity that leverages the R&D funding in DOE’s applied energy programs to mature promising energy technologies. These funds are matched with funds from private partners to advance projects that can have commercial impact.

The Energy Investor Center works to advance private, mission-oriented investment in energy technologies. It also enhances the availability of the Department’s resources to investors and the public. Specifically, the center offers investors a single point of contact to access technical experts, acquire the latest reports, and identify promising projects to enable informed investment decisions and begin addressing the gap in U.S. clean tech investment.


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