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At the Office of Technology Transitions (OTT), we act as the “front door” to the Department of Energy – a key facilitator for our partners to bridge connections within the Department and guide the way through the expansive National Laboratory system. In this unique position, we not only engage and assist today’s professionals, but also aim to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs by bringing exposure and awareness to the vast connections and resources the Department has to offer.

Students provide a crucial pipeline of talent and fresh thought, and OTT wants to spark ideas, interest, and connections to inspire future generations and keep America at the forefront of the STEM fields. Interested in a career at one of our 17 National Labs to expand your interests and university-based research? Have an innovative technology idea that you would love to transition into reality? OTT is here to utilize our connections and resources to best help.

STEM Rising Infographic July 2020
Stephanie Hatchett for the U.S. Department of Energy

OTT STEM Resources

To better connect students and universities with the necessary resources they need to engage with the Department, OTT has compiled an array of materials to help discover the best and most beneficial path forward.

OTT STEM Toolkit

DOE OTT STEM Toolkit Cover Photo


OTT’s University Toolkit & Resource Packet is an informative and comprehensive resource to explore. Resources found in this toolkit include:

  • Energy Efficient Buildings Infrastructure
  • National Laboratory Map & Links to Laboratory Virtual Tools
  • University Focused DOE & Lab Funding Programs
  • Fellowships, Internships, & Trainings
  • Federal Funding Awards Link
  • Resources for Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Click HERE to download the toolkit.


DOE Laboratory Partnership Opportunities for Colleges and Universities

DOE Laboratory Partnership Opportunities for Colleges and Universities

Each year, the Department of Energy cultivates positive and longstanding partnerships with academic institutions. This document details the many different ways for colleges and universities to partner with DOE’s National Laboratories and Facilities, as well as a summary of work performed between DOE and academic institutions from FY14-FY18.

Click HERE to download.

Additional Federal STEM Resources

Webinar Recaps

Brookhaven National Laboratory’s FY21 Champions Program
Learn more about OTT's participation in BNL’s FY21 Champions Program.
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National Lab Technology Transfer Group Meeting
OTT joined the National Lab Technology Transfer Group (NLTT) monthly meeting to discuss the OTT STEM Toolkit.
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AUTM Webinar
Learn more about OTT's participation at the AUTM webinar.
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Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Webinar
Learn more about OTT's participation at the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities webinar.
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InCREASE Career Development Webinar
Read more about OTT's involvement at the InCREASE Career Development Webinar.
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2020 Champions Program Webinbar
OTT joined the panel of the 2020 Champions Program webinar.
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California Community Colleges Webinar
Learn more about OTT's involvement at the California Community Colleges webinar.
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University Tech Partnerships Webinar Recap
Learn more about OTT's participation at the University Tech Partnerships webinar hosted by Florida A&M University.
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STEM Events from the Energy Department

STEM Rising Blog

More Women @ Energy to Inspire Your STEM Journey
Share these new quote images to inspire students to pursue STEM careers.
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A Giant Virtual Science Festival? Coming Right Up!
Over 100 virtual presenters, including DOE headquarters and six National Laboratories will be at the free virtual SciFest All Access event.
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Bringing STEM Home
Hear from Under Secretary of Science Paul Dabbar about how this pandemic won't stop us from providing world-class STEM education.
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Request for Proposals Released for 2022 U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition
Applications for CWC 2022 are being accepted now through December 8, 2020.
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EM Supports ‘Virtual STEM Camp’ for Ohio Youth
A virtual science, technology, engineering, and math camp supported by a grant from EM was conducted recently.
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Get Inspired This #STEMtember!
Help celebrate STEM this September with EERE.
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Who to Contact

Contacts for DOE’s National Lab Offices of Educational Programs (OEP):

Visit DOE’s STEM Rising webpage HERE for more STEM-related Department resources and content.

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