DOE announced selections for the following voucher opportunities in January 2024:

  • Voucher Opportunity 1 (VO1) - Pre-Demonstration Commercialization Support (OCED/EERE): addresses key adoption risk areas faced by companies already funded by DOE that are moving on from the research and development stage. This support includes bankability studies, manufacturing or supply chain assessments, community benefits assessments, and other technoeconomic analyses. 
  • Voucher Opportunity 2 (VO2) - Performance Validation, Modeling, and Certification Support (OCED/EERE): enables third-party evaluation of technology performance under certification-relevant operating conditions, accelerated lifetime testing to test for potential failure types, and access to advanced modeling and digitization resources. This support is invited for companies that have a product prototype for a technology that is in alignment with the interest of DOE OCED or EERE.
  • Voucher Opportunity 3 (VO3) - Clean Energy Demonstration Project Siting/Permitting Support (OCED/EERE): helps authorities having jurisdiction like city or tribal governments understand new clean energy technology benefits and challenges, evaluate siting and permitting best practices developed by similar jurisdictions, develop streamlined permitting processes, and support community engagement on related issues. 
  • Voucher Opportunity 4 (VO4) - Commercialization Support (EERE): provides market research, business plan, fundraising road-mapping (from both public and private sources), and other commercialization strategy assistance for companies who have received funding from DOE EERE research and development programs and have a functional technology prototype.
  • Voucher Opportunity 5 (VO5) - Commercialization Support (FECM): provides independent assessment of Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) technologies/practices and performance validation support for carbon management and resource sustainability innovators and technology developers, including for-profit firms, that are working to commercialize a prototype that fits a specific technology vertical of interest for DOE FECM.

The following organizations were selected to accelerate clean energy technology adoption. The recipient organizations will receive support from their matched voucher provider. 

Voucher OpportunityVoucher Provider

Voucher Capability

(Type of Support)

Voucher Recipient Organization(s)
VO1Boundless Impact Research & Analytics Full ISO-Compliant Life Cycle Assessment to Support Adoption Readiness of Clean Technologies.Liatris Inc.
VO1Boundless Impact Research & Analytics Rapid Life Cycle Assessment to Support Adoption Readiness of Clean Technologies. Molecular Rebar Design, LLC
 AeroShield Materials
 Renewell Energy, Inc
VO1EcoEngineersVO-1 – H2 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) ModellingOCOchem
VO1Feldhake Consulting LLCVO-1 – At-Scale Manufacturing AnalysisVerne
VO1Idaho National LaboratoryCase Studies for the Optimization of Technologies and Supply ChainsFlibe Energy, Inc.
VO1Nalu Scientific, LLCElectronic Hardware Component Supply Chain AnalysisEmrgy, Inc.
VO1National Energy Technology LaboratoryBankability Studies are Supported by Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Endorsement of Potential Tax Credits, etc.ClearSign Technologies Corporation
VO1RTI InternationalAACE Class 5 Techno-Economic AnalysisNexceris
 Osmoses, Inc. 
VO1Strategic Analysis, Inc.Technoeconomic analysisSylvatex
VO2Argonne National LaboratoryTEA and LCA of energy systems and chemical processesNew iridium
VO2Boundless Impact Research & Analytics Full ISO-Compliant Life Cycle Assessment for Clean Energy Technologies.Terradote Inc.
 Big Blue Technologies Inc
VO2Boundless Impact Research & Analytics Rapid Life Cycle Assessment for Clean Energy Technologies.e-Zinc
 Sol Clarity, Inc. 
Precision Combustion, Inc.
VO2Boundless Impact Research & Analytics LCA Calculator Tool to Support Adoption Readiness of Clean Technologies. RiKarbon Inc
VO2CPFD SoftwareBarracuda Virtual Reactor Simulation, Validation and TestingACTion Battery Technologies, L.L.C.
 Solugen, Inc
 Frontline Waste Holding LLC
VO2CPFD SoftwareBarracuda Virtual Reactor Simulation, Validation, Testing and QuickStartMolten Industries
 Sustainable Transportation Fuels, LLC
 EKAMOR ResourceCorp
VO2CPFD SoftwareBarracuda Virtual Reactor Scale-Up Program with Project Engineering SupportARVOS Schmidtsche Schack LLC
 Electro-Active Technologies Inc.
VO2DNV ENERGY USA, Inc.Validation or Certification to Relevant DNV or Industry StandardsH2U Technologies
VO2DNV ENERGY USA, Inc.Modeling of HazardsElectrified Thermal Solutions
 Independence Hydrogen
VO2DNV ENERGY USA, Inc.LDES Battery Performance TestingEnlighten Innovations Inc.
VO2EcoEngineersVO-2 – Hydrogen Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Performance ValidationRedding Rancheria Hydrogen 2 Energy Corporation
 Talus Renewables, Inc.
 Hago Energetics Benefit Corporation
VO2Johnston EngineeringCertification Support. Preparing Hydrogen Test Facility Urban Electric Power, Inc.
 Kepner Products Company
VO2Johnston EngineeringPerformance Validation: Prototyping and TestingDioxide Materials
VO2Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryDurability Testing of Hydrogen Components, Materials, and Storage SystemsFlow Safe
 Concept Group LLC
 Precision Fluid Controls
VO2LHP Data Analytic Solutions, LLCIIoT & Performance Modeling for Industrial DecarbonizationElement One
VO2LHP Data Analytic Solutions, LLCVO‐2 – IIoT, Performance Modeling & Digital Twin for Wind and Other Renewable EnergyACTIVEcharge
VO2National Institute for Aviation Research - Wichita State UniversityEnvironmental Mechanical Testing (Temperature/Humidity/Altitude, Shock/Vibration, Explosive Atmosphere/Waterproofness/Fluid Susceptibility/Flammability, Corrosion/Dust)Smartville Inc. 
Pitch Aeronautics
 GridWrap, Inc.
VO2National Renewable Energy LaboratoryCommercial Feasibility Evaluation of Novel Battery Chemistries for LDESSEALION ENERGY, INC.
VO2Oak Ridge National LaboratoryEvaluate materials compatibility in H2/NH3 pre-combustion environmentsElyte Energy, LLC
VO2Oak Ridge National LaboratoryMaterials Compatibility at Ultra High TemperatureDimensional Energy
VO2Oak Ridge National LaboratoryMaterial Characterization and MicroanalysisKVA Stainless / KVA Technologies
VO2The Ohio State University - Center for Automotive ResearchLong Duration Electrochemical Energy Storage Testing and ModellingAdena Power
 Ridgetop Group Inc.
VO2Turbine Monitoring and Support Services, LLCDigital Twin Creation for Performance Validation, Modeling, and Technology AssessmentMack Research Corp.
 Mainspring Energy
VO3EXP U.S. Services INC.Clean Energy Siting/Permitting Support for Solar, Wind, Water, Geothermal, and Clean HydrogenChenega Corporation
VO3Omitz, LLCHydrogen and Energy Storage Systems Safety TrainingsAnaheim Fire & Rescue
VO3Strategen ConsultingVO-3- Community Engagement and Consensus Building Navajo Transtition Energy Company
VO3Strategen ConsultingVO - 3 – Siting and Permitting Best Practices The City of Ithaca
VO3X UTILITYSimple Utility Grid Clean Energy Project Siting and Permitting California Polytechnic State University
VO4ADL VenturesGo To Market Strategy and ImplementationOptigon
VO4Bennovative LLCCommercialization Plan ExecutionCadens, LLC
VO4eFormative Options, LLCeFormative Wind & DEIA Commercialization SupportBergey Windpower Co. LLC
VO4Evergreen Climate InnovationsBusiness Strategy and Marketing Materials DevelopmentSimonpietri Enterprises LLC
VO4Moeller Ventures LLCPatent Freedom-to-Operate ResearchVolexion, Inc.
 Advanced Materials Scientia LLC
VO4National Energy Technology LaboratoryMarket Assessment & CompetitivenessOMC Thermochemistry
VO4Peak Innovations Group LLCRenewable Energy Solutions Fundraising Road-Mapping and Capture PlanningDeep Anchor Solutions
 Triton Systems
 Oscilla Power Inc.
 NexTech Materials, Ltd., DBA Nexceris
VO4Peak Innovations Group LLCRenewable Energy Solutions Market ResearchBluestem Biosciences
VO4Rare InnovationFundraising Strategy, Investor Pitch Strategy, Development, and Targeting ExecutionLITESPEED ENERGY, INC.
 Skuld LLC
VO4Rare InnovationComprehensive Business Development Strategy and Execution Leveraging the Lean Startup MethodologyGuill Tool & Engineering
VO4RTI InternationalMarket Opportunities Landscape & Competitive AnalysisAeternal Upcycling, Inc.
 C-Motive Technologies
VO4RTI InternationalValue Proposition Assessment C-Power
VO4Strategic Analysis, Inc.Technology Due DiligenceThor Odinson Research Extraction Corp DBA Precision Periodic
VO4Strategic Analysis, Inc.Business and Commercilization SupportFC Renew, LLC
VO4Strategic Analysis, Inc.Fundraising SupportPercheron Power, LLC
VO5350Solutions, Inc.Independent Validation of TEA, LCA, and MRV for Carbon Management TechnologiesSustaera
 Project Vesta, PBC
VO5350Solutions, Inc.Field Testing Support for Validation of Novel Resource Sustainability TechnologiesBanyu Carbon Inc.
 Capwell Services Inc.
VO5Boundless Impact Research & Analytics Full ISO-Compliant Life Cycle Assessment for Carbon Management or Resource Sustainability.C-Quester
 EDAC Labs, Inc.
VO5Boundless Impact Research & Analytics Rapid Life Cycle Assessment for Carbon Management or Resource Sustainability Technologies.Ample Carbon, PBC
 Terraform Industries
 Lydian Labs, Inc.
 Vycarb Inc.
 Syzygy Plasmonics
VO5Boundless Impact Research & Analytics LCA Calculator Tool for Carbon Management or Resource Sustainability Technologies.GreenFire Energy
 Solidec Inc.
VO5Global Technology Connection, Inc.Realtime Above/Underground Gas Monitoring Reporting and Verification, Including Cloud Connectivity for Remote SitesEncino Environmental Servicees
 Wood Cache Completion Corp
 Carbon Lockdown
VO5Idaho National LaboratoryCase Studies for the Decarbonization of Technologies and Supply ChainsWyonics LLC
VO5Idaho National LaboratoryCarbon Dioxide Removal Through Carbon Management in Mafic FormationsCarbon Solutions LLC
VO5Mark Mba WrightVO-5 – Techno-economic and lifecycle assessment for carbon management systemsCharm Industrial
VO5National Energy Technology LaboratoryCommunity Benefits Assessment and Environmental JusticeEbb Carbon, Inc.
 Mati Carbon PBC
VO5National Energy Technology LaboratoryLife Cycle Analysis Rivalia Chemical Co
 Eion Corp
VO5National Energy Technology LaboratoryDirect Air Capture (DAC) Materials Performance TestingParticulate Matter Solutions LLC