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EA-1929: Draft Environmental Assessment

NorthStar Medical Technologies LLC, Commercial Domestic Production of the Medical Isotope Molybdenum-99

Wisconsin Tribal Leaders Work Towards a Clean Energy Future

Secretary Chu and Indian Energy Policy Director Tracey LeBeau meet with Wisconsin Tribal Leaders to discuss their commitment to a clean energy...

Photo of the Week: July 13, 2012

This week's photo gives an insider look at Secretary Chu's tour of Ingeteam yesterday.

10 Questions for a Nuclear Engineer: Todd Allen

Running two advanced research facilities and also serving as a professor and materials scientist, Todd Allen is advancing the materials that will...

Helping Wisconsin Small Businesses Increase Sustainability

Almost 100 Wisconsin small- and medium-sized businesses have been helped thanks to the Wisconsin Profitable Sustainability Initiative.

A Not-So-Cheesy Approach to Clean Energy Manufacturing

In support of the Obama Administration’s goals for quality, American-made clean energy products, the Energy Department’s State Energy Program...

"Idle Free Systems" Does Not Stand Idly by

How can truck drivers who spend nights on the road avoid the fuel and maintenance costs that occur with discretionary idling? One Recovery Act...

SEP Success Story: "Idle Free Systems" Does Not Stand Idly by

Wisconsin-based Idle Free Systems received nearly $1.2M from the Energy Department’s State Energy Program to expand production of their idle...

Not a Long Time Ago in an Energy Efficient Galaxy Not Very Far Away

A manufacturer of crystalline solar cells recently opened a new manufacturing facility for the assembly of solar panels by plant staff and robots...

CX-007568: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Midwest Provider of Solar Instructor Training CX(s) Applied: A9, A11 Date: 01/13/2012 Location(s): Wisconsin Offices(s): Golden Field Office