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Missouri University Research Reactor (MURR) Site Fact Sheet
Information about the Transuranic Management by Pyropartitioning Separation project conducted at the Missouri University Research Reactor.
Weldon Spring Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides information about the Weldon Spring, Missouri, Site. This site is managed by LM under CERCLA.
CX-020400: KCNSC19-04 Project 7236, Parking Lot G Expansion and Truck Ramp Removal
Remove four truck ramps utilized for KCRIMS transfer, regrade area, expand parking spaces, rework lighting and fire protection lines. September 20…
Director Melendez, LM Staff Tour FUSRAP Sites in St. Louis
Carmelo Melendez, director of DOE-LM, and other participants attended an extensive tour of the St. Louis area FUSRAP sites on May 8, 2019.
Southwestern Power Administration proposes Build a 30' X45' pre engineered garage and pad at Nixa PCC for vehicle storage. …
New Interpretive Center Groundbreaking
DOE, USACE Break Ground on New Interpretive Center at Weldon Spring Site
CX-020076: Springfield Maintenance Facility Backroad Asphalt Improvements Project (A33560/BN3356)
Southwestern Power Administration proposes an asphalt improvement project to the Springfield Maintenance Facility with new asphalt/baselayer replac…
Metropolitan Community College (MCC) Supplier Diversity Exposition
Metropolitan Community College (MCC) Supplier Diversity Exposition
CX-019469: KCNSC18-0S, TA-193 Infrastructure
Categorical Exclusion Determination