The Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) Task Force on CO2 Utilization

Secretary of Energy Advisory Board

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Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) Task Force on CO2 Utilization is composed of SEAB members and independent experts that will describe a framework for a Department of Energy (DOE) Research, Development, and Demonstration (RD&D) program on CO2 utilization technologies that have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions and/or introduce negative emissions at the gigatonne (GT) scale.


Global energy related CO2 emissions are approximately 35 GT per year representing about 70% of anthropogenic GHG releases.  CO2 captured from fossil fuel electricity generating plants, industrial facilities, or removed from the atmosphere can be: (1) stored for a geological time period in deep saline aquifers; (2) converted into biomass; and (3) upgraded to useful chemicals. 

The Task Force will review on-going activities in the DOE, industry, national laboratories, academia, and non-profits and identify new opportunities for research and cooperation between different disciplinary research groups.


  • Arun Majumdar, Stanford University; Task Force Chair*
  • John Deutch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology* 
  • Rafael Bras, Georgia Institute of Technology*
  • Sally Benson, Stanford University
  • Emily Carter, Princeton University
  • Donald Ort, USDA/ARS and University of Illinois
  • Michael Ramage, (Retired) ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.
  • Robert Socolow, Princeton University
  • Eric Toone, Duke University
  • George Whitesides, Harvard University
  • Mark Wrighton, Washington University in St. Louis

* Denotes SEAB Member


SEAB Report on CO2 Utilization

DOE Assessment of the SEAB Report on CO2 Utilization


The Task Force will make a preliminary presentation at SEAB’s September 2016 meeting.  The Task Force will present its final letter report at SEAB’s December 2016 meeting.  This Task Force is expected to carry out most of its work in sessions open to the public


Karen Gibson, Director, Office of Secretarial Boards and Councils.