The SEAB Task Force on Nuclear Nonproliferation (TFNN) was established by the Secretary of Energy on December 20, 2014 to advise the Department of Energy (DOE) on future areas of emphasis for its nuclear nonproliferation activities. This interim report of the Task Force sets forth its findings and recommendations to date in five timely and important areas: (I) Setting Objectives and Priorities for DOE Nuclear Nonproliferation Programs; (II) Improving DOE Nuclear Policy Integration, Analysis, and Advocacy; (III) Strengthening DOE Relationships with Field Offices, National Laboratories, and Production Facilities; (IV) Continuing and Revitalizing U.S.-Russian Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation Cooperation; and (V) Developing and Implementing an Investment Strategy for Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development.

The final Report of the Task Force on Nuclear Nonproliferation and the Departmental Response to the report can be found here.