Interim Report of the Task Force on DOE National Laboratories

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The SEAB Task Force on DOE National Laboratories was established by the Secretary of Energy on June 16, 2014, to provide advice, guidance, and recommendations on important issues related to improving the health and management of the labs.  The Task Force has been charged to review past studies, Congressional reports and direction, and Departmental deliberations to identify key areas that have been raised concerning laboratory management and operations. The Task Force should select a few specific issues for study, where the Secretary of Energy has the authority to make changes, which will improve laboratory performance and efficiency.  The Task Force has also been charged to remain informed about the deliberations of several studies underway at the DOE laboratories, including the Congressionally-mandated, Commission on the Effectiveness of the DOE National Energy Laboratories and share their views on (1) The findings and recommendations of these studies, (2) Actions that the Department should take to implement such recommendations. (If SEAB believes no action should be taken on a finding or recommendation, it should give an explanation for its view), and (3) A recommended implementation plan for each recommended action.

This interim Task Force report addresses three topics of importance to the DOE National Laboratory system: (1) M&O contracts, (2) technology transfer, and (3) LDRD. Subsequent to approval at the June 17th full SEAB meeting, the interim report was posted here for download.